About LazyDayz Designs

Fresh made Handcrafted Bags & Accessories
"Inspired by the light and colour - Designed for Fresh People"

We are not innovators! We just love what we do!

Discovering and combining new and fresh materials along with a variety of colours, were some of the elements that inspired us.

We decided that what we love to do is to create fresh made products for fresh people who enjoy the sunny days , the LazyDayz , the careless moments . We collect our materials from all over Greece.

We conceive, design and handcraft our products in Thessaloniki, GREECE.

Our goal is to create handcrafted utility products  with a unique and different style. The workshop was created out of the need to make products for urban adventurers and nature lovers, from light weighted and colorful accessories to strong built and water-resistant bags, to deliver everything you may need.

We are a small workshop with a big passion for what we do, drawing inspiration from everyday life and expressing our creativity and imagination.

Get Lazy!


Akropoleos 11, Old town
54634, GR


MON – FRI: 08:00-16:00

TEL: +30 2313071996

Viber: 6993232585

Workshop EMAIL: lazydayzdesigns@gmail.com